A Baltimore-area criminal law attorney is familiar with Maryland state and federal criminal justice systems. It's always a good idea to turn to an attorney when you're in legal trouble, and if you've been arrested for or charged with a crime, it's in your best interests to hire an experienced criminal law lawyer who can concentrate on your defense. The more skilled and knowledgeable your criminal law attorney is, the better for you.

As elsewhere in the United States, in Baltimore County, criminal law is guided by both state and federal statutes. Each set of statutes has penalties for:

Convictions for any of these crimes can result in your incarceration in a state or federal facility.

The Criminal Law Process

The Baltimore criminal law process follows a set path. The process follows these basic steps:


The investigation of your alleged crime may be very brief (just moments before your arrest), or it may involve weeks or months of law enforcement oversight. Regardless of the intensity of the investigation, and whether it's conducted by state or federal authorities, and even if you only suspect that you may be the target of an investigation, a Baltimore criminal law firm can protect your legal rights. Attorneys can also work to uncover beneficial information about your case that the authorities may have overlooked.

Charges and Bail

When you’re arrested, the state or federal prosecutor will decide whether to charge you with a crime, and if so, which crime (or crimes) to charge you with, such as misdemeanors or felonies. It's your defense attorney's job to protect your constitutional rights during the criminal law process, including the right to:

You might be given the opportunity to post bail or a bond — but before anyone posts bail or a bond for you, consult a Baltimore criminal law attorney to discuss your options.

Preliminary Hearing, Plea, Trial

Once you’ve been charged, you'll probably need to appear in a "probable cause" hearing or another type of preliminary hearing. Your lawyer may be able to persuade the state or federal prosecuting attorney to reduce your charge(s), possibly in a plea bargain.

If your case has to go to trial, whether before a judge alone (i.e., in a bench trial) or before a jury, it's really best to have a criminal law attorney represent you.


There is a range of possible sentence types and lengths for any given crime, whether state or federal. If you're convicted of a crime in the Baltimore area, your criminal law attorney will argue on your behalf for the most favorable sentence possible.


Your defense attorney can also handle an appeal of your conviction.

Speak to a Lawyer Who Specializes in Baltimore Criminal LawIf you're in the Baltimore area and facing a criminal law problem, contact a defense attorney today for a no-commitment, no-fee consultation, and learn about your legal options.


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